decibel portions of Coach's speech resonated via the hall to adjoining classrooms. Coach would conclude his orations with admonitions such as: "The next time I find you in cerebral La La Land in my class, we will have a three-legged race to the hospital to have my foot removed from your backside!"

At Columbia Military Academy the paddles used in corporal punishment were regulation baseball bats that had been planed down to one-half thickness on the business end. Unruly cadets were obliged to bend over, grab their ankles and look at the wall as the instructor stepped up to the plate. As in Major League games, the batters seldom "bunted" opting rather for the "home run" hits. Coach Jones' massive size was taken into account as he graphically advised us. "When my board is finished with your butt you'll be a month stopping your nosebleed!" There was no doubt among the Cadet Corps, Coach Jones' was the Columbia Military Academy's Babe Ruth.