If you tried to "BS" or "brown nose" Coach Jones, the situation would abruptly escalate from, "Boy, you make my butt want to suck a lemon." into a desk slamming, trash can stomping fit. Coach on such occasions lifted his full-sized desk lengthwise from the floor and dropped it. Once, after kicking his trash can around the room, he restored it to a facsimile of its original form with his fist. After such demonstrations Coach would present the target of his tirade with a piece of paper to write his mother or a dime to call his congressman about "what an old, mean, Coach Jones had done to their little darling." Coach sometimes would hold the door open and extend the opportunity for any malcontent to remonstrate at the administration building. He would bellow, "I've been fired from better places than this!"

I will never forget the time a friend of mine came into class unprepared. He had an IQ of 142, came from an affluent family, and was very unmotivated academically. After a brief, unsatisfactory discourse,