Coach snatched his wayward subject from his seat by his Eisenhower jacket and held him at arms length through the window saying, "If you enter my classroom unprepared again, I will drop you from this window."

Coach's medical condition was aggravated big time the day a lanky, red-haired, freckle-faced fellow ventured a smirk during one of Coach's orations. This cadet was operating under the theory (delusion) that he had espoused to me only the day before. He thought that Coach Jones knew who to pick on and who to avoid. The fellow explained that he too, was hot tempered, had lighting reflexes, could "bust windshields" with his bare fist, etc., etc. He believed Coach sensed he was so constituted and would, therefore, be reluctant to confront him in the manner he so often engaged others. As Coach bent down for his trademark close-up facial encounter, the young man displayed a calculated measure of displeasure by looking away and then indifference by shrugging his shoulders. Coach, not