one to let even subtle body statements go unchallenged, exploded like Mount Vesuvius.

In a millisecond, Coach's foot transformed the arm and articles atop the adjacent desk to shrapnel. Books flew. A three ring binder disgorged its contents mid-air, showering the class with notebook paper. Coach rotated 180 degrees and ended forever speculation as to how the fracture had come to be in the chalk board by imparting a fresh imprint of his fist in the slate. Coach then refocused his attention on the young man who had been rendered totally inert by the power of the eruption. His face was ashen and freckle-less.

The drama climaxed with signs and wonders following. First a mighty horn sounded. Likening unto the trump of the archangel, Gabriel. Next the floors of grand ole Main Building began to tremble and rattle. then time stood still as Coach scowled wide-eyed and motionless in the face of his new convert both of whom seemed oblivious of the